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Sam the Midas Man

Perfect Fit

Thanks so much. The part fit perfectly. I would rather R&R (Remove & Replace) a converter all day then get under the car and weld something in. Not only does it look better but it takes almost no time at all. And I still have all my hair when the job is done. Thanks again, I will recommend you to quite a few friends I have in the industry.

- Sam the Midas Man

First time was a great experience

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- Anonymous

Easy to find

What a relief. My BMW 540 was in need of a new catalytic converter and I don't even wan to tell you how much the dealer wanted. It was over $2000 for each side. I was able to get both sides for half the price of one from the dealer. Thanks so much for all your help!

- Janifar

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- Sudan

Items 1 to 4 of 5 total

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